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Course 3, The Master Class Series.

It’s odd.  Odd is trying to craft a message to those evaluating whether or not to take the course and looking to discover what awaits them.  Odd because some of you have taken the two preceding courses and now have a whole new level of sophistication when it comes to your own Digital Marketing Strategy.  I feel we have a relationship with those already committed.  We’ve been on a 10-week journey together, and now, we are building on the foundations with more sophisticated tactics that will take what you have done to a whole new level.

On the other hand, I am also speaking to people deciding, should I take the courses? What if it’s a batch of hokum like all the other force-fed junk training from self-professed gurus?  It’s hard for them because the common point of reference I have with existing students isn’t there.  We don’t have that relationship.  Frankly, the foundational knowledge needed to make the Master Class Series value is almost impossible to convey, without the rush of accomplishment in the first ten weeks.

SO, in speaking to both groups, I’ve decided that the best path is an allegory, painting a picture.

  • You have all got an imaginary plot of land.  You have picked out your view.
    • (You are attorneys and have an area of law you are comfortable with)
  • At this stage, none of you have a home yet, that will give your family a place of joy.
    • (No marketing engine that will support your business, and you are catching what you can)
  • Some of you have taken the next step and built the home’s foundation.
    • (Some of you have taken the first two courses, AND put them into action)
  • The foundations are probably all very different because each of you has their vision of their ideal home, on their perfect property.  Some foundations will support an Mc Mansion. There are foundations appropriate for a magnificent Bungalow and all manner of houses in-between.
    • (Some people have built the foundation of their online marketing to match their goals for their business)
  • Next, we build houses. Again, you are creating an environment that will bring joy to your family life.
    • (Some of you can’t do this, you have not taken the first step to take you from dreaming about building your firm, to beginning the work of promoting that dream.)

If you missed the first ten weeks, you are not ready for the next ten weeks. However, the following ten weeks will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the marketing skills we are about to offer up.  The energy grows dramatically because you have built the foundation.

Someone without a foundation that starts at week 11 will likely see some lift.   Those that have been slugging it out from the start have a magnificent view from their front porch.  The reality of their vision stares back at them. They see their new life as opposed to dreaming of it.

You can see from the lesson titles what we are going to cover. I wanted to use this introduction, though, to set the tone for the journey ahead.

We will not be done at the end of week 20, by the way.  A select few of you will want and need more.  Have you ever been to a beautiful home that lacked character? It needed life and photos and furniture and paint to change from a house to a home.  At the end of week 20, you will have that house, and a few of you, will elect to push even further ahead and turn that house into a home with more focused coaching. 

We look forward to meeting you there!


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