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Need a little reassurance before investing hard earned dollars in internet marketing?

Happy to Oblige!  Welcome to the HOF, Inc. family of online marketing brands.

Internet Marketing Trainer

“Success lives in  those  that DO what others WON’T, to live a life that others CAN’T.

Jeff Folkersen, President, BeThe20



WOKE in its new context can be either positive or negative,  It refers to someone that has a sudden realization, an awakening, a sudden buy-in, to a concept that has been around for a long time.   A concept to others that is self-evident.

Becoming “woke” also brings with it a sense that this new “revelation” is indeed new.  It almost implies a blind unerring belief, a zealous following of this new revelation.  It might be politics, or social issues, or… digital marketing strategies.

Let’s put this in your court.  If you were wrongly accused of a capital crime, would you want a business law attorney that has become suddenly “woke” to the injustices of the criminal law system to represent you, or an old hand that knows how to defend the unjustly accused as if by muscle memory, someone that has driven through the ins and outs so often, and so deeply, that defense is “innate”?

The issue here is we all want to believe in the underdog.  That person that has the sudden revelation, and goes on to save the world.  Quite seriously though, they are in the minority.   I would want a seasoned criminal lawyer, not a freshly minted Business Law attorney to represent me in a criminal case, wouldn’t you?

Young Green Digital Advertising Agencies

Hey, Get up sleepy head, remember, you’re WOKED

As you learn about HOF, the parent to BeThe20, you’ll quickly come to see how so much of these shiny new marketing strategies, are driven by a group or recently “woke”, preaching as new what those of us have been practicing for over two decades, know by heart.  This will be a fun exercise, and since you are here learning “about us” it should be fun for you too.

We are not selling our agency services to you.  Odds are good, you might not be ready for us yet.  We are, however, leveraging 2 generations, with over 40 successful years of marketing, and 20 amazing years of digital marketing experience.  That depth of experience is hard to come by, especially online, never mind in a 20-week course, that will take you from “newbie” to an Alpha marketer.    Of course, we don’t expect YOU to do the marketing, but you are charged with evaluating agencies or managing internal marketing people.  Do it from a position of knowledge, power, and certainty.

As you deal with those freshly WOKE agencies filled with enthusiasm, but short on practicals, waving the latest and greatest thing as a solution to all your problems…Tell them “Good Morning Sleepy Head…and ask Where’ve you been the last decade!

Why?  Because you received the knowledge to manage your marketing team; you know the secret sauce to “BeThe20”.

Support Clients’ Success first, that’s where we start.

Getting to know us, is your first investment in trusting us with your success journey.

Client Success First, has led us for over 40 years and 2 generations.

Our roots start in 1980, as Habitat Marketing, Inc.  In 2000 we rebranded as HOF, Inc., continuing the transition from real estate and lifestyle marketing to digital marketing.

BeThe20 is HOF’s latest brand, dedicated to creating alpha legal marketers through vibrant focused education and coaching.

Habitat was founded by Henry and Evyonne Folkersen.  Their son, Jeff, joined immediately after graduation from Florida Atlantic University where he was one of their youngest graduates and a Faculty Scholar.  Henry retired; Jeff is now President.  Henry remains active on the Board of Directors, manages an investment trust, is an author of both fiction and motivation, and an active sailor.

Over the past 40 years, Jeff’s forays into Corporate America dramatically expanded the firms’ knowledge of empowering businesses to be successful at Enterprise scale.   Employment never fit as well as Entrepreneurship and he always came back to HOF.   He leads HOF with the same unwavering drive to “Create Clients’ Success First”.

Habitat was an oddity as a commercial developer. Rather than simply collect rent and eject businesses when they hit turbulence, we dove into our store owners’ business.  We focused on marketing to merchandising, finance to customer care. We executed with certainty through Boom and Bust.  Certainty developed over a lifetime of observation and participation in countless businesses.   That spirit, Client Success First, stay the course, even in adversity, was personified during the pandemic, where we continued to market aggressively, even for clients unable to afford the effort due to lockdown.

For 40+ years, we’ve operated from a place of certainty that supporting Clients’ Success First is, for us, the best path to our own success.  We refuse to be among those that lack client-first focus, leaving frustrated clients in their wake.  It’s not in our DNA.

Forty years later, Habitat rebrands as HOF. We’ve been in telephone communications, we’ve evolved into cell phone and digital communication.  We’ve developed and marketed large subdivisions and small shopping centers.  We’ve executed marketing strategies for plazas, and individual businesses.  HOF has been on a steady path from bricks and mortar, to digital.

BeThe20 is the roadmap of the strategies used to help hundreds, perhaps thousands, of businesses grow into alpha competitors; competitors in the top 20% of their market.  Your Success Journey starts with a clear goal of being in the top 20%, among those competitors capturing 80% of the revenue.

Top 20 success either creates a springboard to further and higher levels of success or living an awesome lifestyle, supported by your profitable practice.  BeThe20 is the well-worn path we’ve used to help business owners of all kinds. We proudly offer this 20-week course to support you to BeThe20.

Do your part, commit to excellence as a law firm.  Do your part, and follow BeThe20 systems, and your firm will be an alpha marketer, you will be among the 20.

Welcome to BeThe20, we’re honored that you’ve entrusted us with your success.



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Browse Some Of Our Best Online Courses

Online Marketing For Attorneys

1. FAB 4 Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Run your business like a pro and gain profits and customers.

Digital Marketing Essentials Law Offices

2. Digital Marketing Strategy Essentials –Monthly

Digital Marketing Essentials contains all the entire Fab4 Cours, along with new entries that are far more "hands-on". Lesson 6 alone is a huge game-changer. Did you know that Google provides a complete best practices guide, written in easy to understand language (no geek speak) on what they expect in order for your site to rank well? Imagine all the people trying to sell you "hocus pocus" SEO when you have the definitive guide from Google in your hands! This course continues the tradition of being practical (hands-onds), being strategic (putting the pieces together so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts), and motivational (would a swift kick help get you started?).

Lawyer Internet Marketing

3 Rainmaker Digital Marketer

Course 3 – Digital Marketing Master Class

Combine the first two courses, and you are halfway through! Course 3 is where the heavy lifting comes in. We will challenge you with new concepts and new ways of thinking.

On completing course 3, I guarantee you. You will be putting in the effort reserved only for the top marketers in your area and specialty.

In course three, we get far more aggressive. We learn how to discover who our online competition is, and we’ll dissect their online competition strategies to learn how to beat them. Oddly, those that you might consider your competition in the “real world” are often not your competition online. Those at the top of search get most of the traffic. That’s a hard fact. Those that are on top of search are your competition.

We will walk through everything from strategizing to beat your competition by working smarter, not spending more. In addition, we will be building systems to hold you accountable.

This final course is not for the thin-skinned. You will take a hard look at your current effort, and we will undoubtedly expose gaps, inconsistent branding, and likely a total blank when it comes to personal branding for you and those in your firm.

I recall my days hiking; it was always the end of the trail that was the most work. You’re tired; the terrain gets rough, the hike has exposed weakness, both in character and physically. We are coming to the end of this journey. In the end, you will discover that you have reached the first basecamp. The basecamp from which you will climb to even higher summits and drive your firm further ahead.

This course may test your endurance, but stop for a minute and imagine your life, practice, and lifestyle once you reach the first basecamp. I assure you, the changes will leave you breathless, on your way to


We'll be moving past getting the foundation built, to more advanced and aggressive marketing tactics and strategies.

Once you are this far along, you should already be seeing significant changes to the flow of prospects to your firm. As we move into the more advanced techniques you are moving well ahead of the "average" attorney working with the "typical" agency.

Imagine the power of personal branding for every attorney in the office, pointing back to your website driving traffic, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You will be learning how to "out-market" and "out-think" your competition, instead of "outspend" them! Imagine a zero-waste Social Media campaign where you reach your prospects where they are, with no squandered time creating meaningless posts to audiences that aren't listening.

We take a look at automation so that response to your new prospects is never delayed, we look at compliance both to keep you out of trouble, and to improve your search ranking.

These advanced law office marketing tactics will clearly move you past the "let's try this" hit and miss stage, into running a well-oiled marketing engine, catapulting your firm far ahead of the vast majority of your competition.

Not ALL the competition?? In some cases, where you have poor competition and aren't intensely competed against, you'll be king of the hill. If you are in an intense competition environment, like Miami, Atlanta, New York, then you will be solidly in the top 20%, and ready for more from your coaches at BeThe20.com


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