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Digital Marketing Strategy Essentials –Monthly

Digital Marketing Essentials contains the entire Fab4 Course and new entries that are far more “hands-on.”

Here’s a startling statistic.  97% of visitors to your website will take NO action.

That includes calling or clicking or even deciding whether or not to contact you. 97% leave, with no intent whatsoever.

  • Maybe they are doing initial fact-finding.
  • Perhaps you answered their initial question.
  • Maybe they were interrupted by work coming across their desk while researching for a divorce attorney while at the office.

No matter the reason, a 97% loss is significant.  We can be reasonably sure that those that visited your site are interested in your services.  No one recreationally goes to any intellectual rights or real estate attorneys’ page!  They are interested in your services. Are you prepared to let 97% of those prospects just leave, or are you committed to doing something about it?

Let’s say you are a smaller firm in a midsized market and get 1,000 visits to your site.  970 of those visits do nothing.  Thirty will take action.  That action may not be to contact you.

  • Maybe they decided you made the first cut and put you on a list with other firms to sort out later.
  • Maybe they filled in a form requesting help on a legal matter.
  • Maybe they called you.
  • Maybe they initiated a chat.

The point is, they took some form of action, and not all forms of action involve contacting you.

  • First, we want more than 3% to engage with us.
  • Second, we want a way to continue to market to the 97% that left.

While others are still unaware that 97% do nothing, you will be working to decrease the “just leave” percentage, and you’ll be continuing to market to those that did nothing. In contrast, most of your competition continues to be unaware.

That, my illustrious students, is how you get to BeThe20!




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